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Why Diversify Internationally When U.S. Stocks Are Outperforming Non-U.S. Stocks?

Throughout the past year, as with 2014 and 2013 before that, U.S. stocks have generated higher investment returns in aggregate […]

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Is Gold the Remedy for Bear Markets? Stick with Investments, Not Speculation

In the midst of the recent market downturn, financial news pages were filled with advice on how to counteract the […]

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We’ve Experienced a Market “Correction,” Now What Should We Do?

Clients who regularly follow the stock market (and even those who don’t) have likely observed the significant decline in stock […]

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Adding Value to Your Investments (Without Active Management)

We have repeatedly discussed on this blog our belief that active management of investments–i.e. trying to beat the market by […]

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Do You Know What You’re Paying for Your Investments?

Investment fees have received heightened attention recently, especially in light of the Supreme Court ruling on 401(k) plans this past […]

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Where to Save Emergency Funds and What Matters Even More

A few months ago, we published a post about the basics of emergency funds, noting that setting aside a reserve […]

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