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What Should I Do with My I Bonds Now?  Buy, Sell or Hold?

Over the past year, we have witnessed the fastest rise of short-term interest rates since the early 1980s.  This week, […]

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The Advantages of a Rising Interest Rate Environment

The news is full of negative headlines these days about the rising interest rate environment.  The Fed Funds rate (i.e. […]

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Confronting Anxiety and Uncertainty: A Bear Market Pep Talk

One of the most popular stock market indices, the S&P 500, fell into bear market territory in mid-June, as it […]

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Portfolio Rebalancing: A Less Exhilarating But More Effective Approach to Buying Low and Selling High

If a potential investor has heard only one piece of advice on how to succeed in investing, it is likely […]

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Embracing the Roller Coaster Ride: The Benefits of Market Volatility

The spring of 2020 brought a host of new stresses and concerns as the pandemic abruptly pushed normal life aside […]

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Pro Tips for Selling Your Investment Properties

Selling an investment property is different from selling a primary residence. In many cases, when you put an investment property […]

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