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The New Virginia 529 Plan: What It Is and Who Should Use It

Last week, Virginia529 launched a new investment portfolio, which includes an innovative mix of features from the old Prepaid Tuition […]

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What To Do If You Can’t Afford to Pay for Your Child’s College Expenses

Many of our clients have the goal of paying for their kids’ college expenses.  In meetings with those clients—and in […]

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Is College Tuition Inflation Really Starting to Slow Down?

In a recent NPR interview, Josh Mitchell of the Wall Street Journal argued that the cost of college, though still […]

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Tips for Tapping 529s

Given the tax benefits of 529 accounts, we generally recommend them to clients as the preferred vehicle through which to […]

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Recent FAFSA Changes Hasten the College Financial Aid Process

Last week, President Obama announced two changes to the process for submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  […]

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College Savings: Pros and Cons of Using a Roth IRA

In prior posts, we have mentioned the benefits of using 529 accounts for college savings. The primary advantages are that […]

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