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How the Much-Maligned Millennials May Be Helping Your Bottom Line

Millennials are often portrayed in the press as a bunch of under-employed, tech-obsessed, living-in-their-parents’-basement drags on our economy.  But, demographic […]

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Dustin Hoffman’s Mental Accounting: Why We Fail to Maximize Our Financial Resources

A basic premise of traditional economics is that people think and behave rationally with respect to how they deal with […]

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Why Comedian John Oliver Would Love PFS

*Warning:  the video link in this post contains some foul language and content. A client recently alerted us to an […]

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Working Out and Eating Right: A Strategy for Financial Success?

Many of us have undertaken resolutions at one time or another to exercise or eat well, possibly with the aim […]

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Will a New Rule Force Brokers to Care about Clients As Much As We Do?

Wall Street has been buzzing the past week over an issue about which most Americans probably do not realize they […]

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Top 10 List: The Most Read Posts of Our2Cents in 2015

As the clock ticks down toward the end of 2015, we looked back at the array of blog posts published […]

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