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We’re Not the Only Ones Who Think Highly of DFA Mutual Funds

As our clients are aware, we at PFS are not bound by any agreement or incentive to use or recommend […]

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Following Your Head and Your Heart: A Recipe for Poor Investment Returns

In a prior post, we alluded to the chronic failure of individual investors to earn investment returns greater than that […]

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Build Wealth by Watching the Grass Grow

Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Samuelson once said, “Investing should be dull.  It shouldn’t be exciting.  Investing should be more […]

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Portfolio Rebalancing: A Less Exhilarating But More Effective Approach to Buying Low and Selling High

If a potential investor has heard only one piece of advice on how to succeed in investing, it is likely […]

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Breaking Down Your Asset Allocation: What It Takes to Be Overweight in Small Cap Stocks

In light of academic research indicating that small cap stocks tend to outperform large cap over the long term, we […]

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Why Do My Portfolio’s Returns Look Different Than the Returns of “The Market”?

Over the past couple months, we’ve had several clients ask questions about why the investment returns for their portfolios over […]

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